Mobile App Mobile App; One of the more difficult things that any family could have to ever deal with is watching someone close to you – someone that you love and care for – have to deal with the uglier side of the justice system. Watching as this person is forced to live in a jail – kept away from all contact with you or the rest of your family – can absolutely tear people apart.

Sure, there are almost always mandated visits that you can use to visit with your loved one, but they are few and far between and may make it impossible for those who live out of state to contact their loved ones and interact with them on a regular basis. That’s where the system comes in line – especially when we’re talking about their mobile application.

Corrlinks Iphone AppCorrlinks Iphone App 2

Just what is Corrlinks anyways?

An electronic system that has been set up by a third-party intermediary to give you almost instant access and communication capabilities to your loved one while they are incarcerated – and a number of prisons all over the United States, both local and federal –Corrlinks is one of the most ideal solutions for keeping in constant contact with someone you love that has been incarcerated.

However, not everyone has access to a reliable computer and that has Internet access as they can count on – though almost everyone has a smart phone with Internet access. This has led to the people behind Corrlinks to create their very own Corrlinks app, a mobile solution that takes care of all of the heavy lifting for you.

Corrlinks Android AppCorrlinks Android App 2

Can anyone use the Corrlinks app?

So long as you have a mobile phone using the Android or iOS operating system – as well as have a mobile contract that gives you cell phone access to the Internet – you should be able to leverage the Corrlinks app just as everyone else is.

With a relatively simple and straightforward process for signing up and applying to this kind of technology, it shouldn’t take very long at all to have the app purchased and installed through the particular operating system application marketplace – and then you only have to link into your specific account. From there, you’ll be able to control the system just as you would with a dedicated computer or laptop, as almost all of the controls and functionality are exactly the same across the board. This makes the entire process super simplified and streamlined, and is one of the easiest ways to keep in constant contact with the people that you care most about.

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