www.Corrlinks.com, A Way To Communicate With Inmates Through Emails

www.Corrlinks.com is a website which allows family and friends to communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated in Federal Prisons. At present this system is available to a few other facilities and states. Corrlinks is in the process of expanding this service to other facilities and also adding other states.

What is Corrlinks Inmate email?

Corrlinks is an email service which allows you to send email messages to inmates in the facilities which they service as well as receive emails from the inmates. To use this service you need to log in to the Corrlinks website , www.Corrlinks.com.

Using the Corrlinks website to contact inmates

In order to be able to use the www.Corrlinks.com to send email messages to inmates you need to take a few steps.The first is that you need top register yourself with the site. When you visit the www.Corrlinks.com you will see a space in the center of the page which says New users and Register. When you hit the Register button you are taken to a page where you have to fill in a registration form. This form asks you to fill in your name, email address as well as to incorporate your password for the site. Next you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the site and create an account. Once you have done this you will need a credit card, either a Visa or Mastercard to be able to fund this account and to be able to communicate with the inmates. The charges for using this site are set by agreements with the various correctional facilities that this site services and vary with each facility. Once you have registered and created an account with corrlinks you will need to know the inmates number to add them to your address book so that you can communicate with them.

Steps to Login to www.Corrlinks.com

When you wish to log in to the corrlinks site you need to go to www.corrlinks.com. At the left hand side of the page you will see a space that says Log In. You have to fill in the email that you used to register with the www.Corrlinks.com in the space that says email and put in the password in the space that says password. Now you can click on the button that says Log in and you will be taken on to the main page of the site. In case you forget either the email address that you used to register with the site or the password, you can reset both your email address as well as your password by using the reset tool on the site. This tool uses questions that you were asked when you registered and their answers to help you reset your email as well as your password.

By using www.corrlinks.com website to keep in touch with your friends or loved ones who are inmates, is a much faster and easier way than having to rely on snail mail.

Using an Inmate Locator

Nowadays, you don’t have to visit a federal or state prison just to find criminal records. Federal and state prisons provide online database services usually called inmate locator to let you look up inmates incarcerated 20 or 30 years ago to the present. These database services also allow you look for criminal records of people who did not go to prison because of dismissal charges or other reasons.
Gathering Personal Information
To use the inmate locator, it’s very important to know the personal information of the person you’re trying to look up. If the information in inaccurate, you won’t be able [...] Continue Reading…

Federal Correctional Institution

A Federal correctional institution in the United States may be any correctional institution where prisoners who are medium to low-security risks are housed. These facilities do, however, have “strengthened parameters” to deter escapees. Everyone housed in a federal correctional institution lives in a cell. There are a wider number of various personal treatment and prison work programs in these jails. The security level of the prisoners within the institution, as well as the security level the institution itself is, determines the staff to prisoner ratio. Read on to learn more about any Federal Correctional Institution.
Locations and Services
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Free Inmate Search

A free inmate search is a fantastic way to gain information about friend, loved ones, or those currently incarcerated in any number of intuitions. Not only can you use a free inmate search to find out contact information, but also information about what a person has been convicted for, their sentence length, and the institution where they are currently being housed. Although this information is not kept entirely up-to-date by the minute, in a few days you can find what you are looking for. Read on to learn more:
Searches for Different Levels of Institutions
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Corrlinks.com Mobile App

Corrlinks.com Mobile App; One of the more difficult things that any family could have to ever deal with is watching someone close to you – someone that you love and care for – have to deal with the uglier side of the justice system. Watching as this person is forced to live in a jail – kept away from all contact with you or the rest of your family – can absolutely tear people apart.

Sure, there are almost always mandated visits that you can use to visit with your loved one, but they are few and far between and [...] Continue Reading…

The federal prison email system

One of the hardest things for anyone to do is watch as someone close to them – maybe a family member, maybe a friend – find themselves incarcerated for any number of mistakes they may have made.

And while there is almost always an opportunity to visit with your loved one during the prescribed visiting hours, the truth of the matter is that if the person you are hoping to stay in constant contact with is moved to a federal prison that is nowhere near where you currently reside at this becomes a major problem – a problem completely solved [...] Continue Reading…

To Make Friends with Inmates

www.prisoninmates.com is the link to the website where you can find profiles of prisoners who are looking for some friends or acquaintances that they can communicate through mail. It is basically an online directory that connects the prisoners to the outside world. If you check out www.prisoninmates.com, you will find some profiles of prisoners being featured on the homepage of the site. You just have to click on the profile to find out more information about the inmate.
All about the Prison Inmates Online
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Helps Inmates Find a Potential Mate

If you check out www.inmate.com, you will find that the website features different kinds of profiles of inmates who are interested in looking for a pen pal. As you know, life inside prison is not that easy so signing up at www.inmate.com to look for a potential mate can somehow help to pacify their loneliness and boredom. Those who are interested in making friends with one of the inmates through the mail or by email can simply visit the website and browse for profiles of the inmates whom they might be interested in.

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